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Originally Posted by HPSInc View Post
Thanks for the comments guys. The benefits of a stander are all over this site. Which is the reason I was even turned on to them in the first place. Basically, they take up less room on the trailer, they are fast and nimble, you can get off and on very easily, you can see very well what your cutting when your on them, and it takes the stress off your back and lets your legs do the absorbing when riding around.

DLAWNS, your review thread of the scag was very insightful. Helped in my decision as well.

Grassman, no lie, the truck cost me less than a night out drinking. I did not know that at first, and I sort of had passed on it before asking the "How much is it" question..but when asked again a few days later if I wanted the truck, and that I could pretty much.."have it"..I went back over and the deal was made. The previous owner is 92 years old. Definately does not need it and his family members didnt want it either since they have their own dump trucks and did not want to pay insurance for it once it ran up in June. It was luck on my behalf to end up with it, especially for as little as I paid.


well how much do you drink on an average night out
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