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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
A quality stick edger should be able to power through you first cut of the I am not sure I would invest the money in a walkbehind.....but rather use that money towards a quality stick edger that can handle the rough stuff you will encounter at the first of the season. The blades of your turf types in IL are much smaller and finer than ours.....and I can go to a overgrown property and get through several inches of overgrown St. Augustine on the sidewalk without any issues, so I would assume your finer blade turf would be no different.
Yeah.thats what i said im getting stick edger.sorry if i meant walk behind.i borrow my friends which is a walk behind.sorry about that.and plus i think it will be good too.yes u are right,i assume too.i have my eye on a husqvarna stick edger.or a echo of course lol.either one of thoose.
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