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Dump Trailer Insurance problem

I am looking into at least a 6'x10'x16" #7000 dump trailer. I really would like to get one but the problem is that the empty weight is #2150. My insurance policy covers all trailer with empty weight of #2000 and less. I called them and asked for quote. They told me it will be an additional premium of $353 annually!

I feel that it is not worth it since I am only a small part time biz. I would probably make around $700-$1000 a year with the dump trailer. If I buy this additional premium, it would have pay for another dump trailer in 8-10 years!

Anyone have this similar problem? Do you know of a way to get around this problem? I thought about asking the dealer to take out the dump gate and fender, unnecessary stuff to help lighten the trailer before purchase. Then later after purchase I take it and put it on the trailer myself. Not sure if I can do that. Have you guys done this before? Any helpful suggestions? Thanks.
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