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Well, I am saying that I could generate around $700-$1000 each year before expenses, like the insurance cost and registration. I would be using the dump trailer for towing top soil, gravel, mulch, leaves, brush, branches, firewood, etc. I don't plan on using it as much as full time fleet biz would do, but it give me the convience of doing the job faster and easier since I will have a full time job. I do not want to use my truck bed because it will have 2, maybe 3 toolboxes on it this spring, limiting space. I want dump trailer to make my job easier, in shorter time.

My current commercial vehicle policy cover all trailers (I only have one currently, a 6'x12' landscape trailer) with empty weight of #2000 and less. It is included in the standard policy without any additonal premium. If I get a trailer that weight over #2000, then I will need an additional premium which is $353 because the trailer is just #150 over their standard limit! I figured that since the cost of insurance continue to soar, if I were to spend that amount for like 8 years, that total amount would be enough to buy another dump trailer!

I know it will take a long time to pay off for the dump trailer itself, but I feel that I have a use for it for a very long time, every year. To me, it would be worth buying a dump trailer, but it is not worth buying it with additional insurance premium. I would like to find a way around this problem.

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