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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
Mike, no doubt kiril has knowledge, however you realize he is in California and any of his knowledge about St Augustine sod intsall or maintenance would be speculation and based on books.
I also knew that he had worked here previously FL-Landscapes, but that was not my concern, my issue was getting his input because he has a grasp on soil mgmt for sure - and I knew he would be a good source of information if he posted, the 1 thing about Kiril you can always count on, is if he puts it out there other than saying IMHO, he can back it up with peer reviewed research. So his advise is usually pretty reliable IMHO.

Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
No offense to Kiri
][l but I suggest you take the advice of the FL guys on this one.
I do also value your guys input me I know you guys see the same things I see day in and day out...but I have learned to follow some guys on the site because they obviously have a greater than common knowledge. Like I said before I respect ric and his knowledge...and would of valued his opinion...that is why I asked for it too. I just not need to be lectured about not being "smart" and being a "lawn boy" because I do not hold the same license that he does.

Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
And before you stroke him too hard look up his threads in the past and you will see he has the same bedside manners as you mentioned ric has at times.
I know that Kiril can see harsh at times...but generally what that in my experience with him has been this, he provides links to support his information or opinion to creditable sources. Then when people still want to argue the point it can get ugly, because he has put the proof up and they just want to argue. Do not get me wrong - Kiril - can be a little hard to follow at times to - but I personally have never found him to be degrading to me personally.

Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
In my opinion your biggest mistake was purposely putting off the install this summer for the fall, the summer hot rainy months are the best time to sod warm season grass.
This was not my mistake - I told the client it was best not to due it during the heat of the summer - as it would not be facing the heat pressures we have - or the pest pressure - I was specifically talking about a fall install not a winter. But the client did not ask until as I have said less than a month ago and then he thought about the price tag and got back to me, but even with this late install I was not expecting the frost to even be present because it happend early this early.
And I would consider sod solutions a pretty credible source of info wouldn't you?

As you can see they list sod as being able to be installed anytime of year - and that the summer period is not the idea time the suggested -
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