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Here are two pics of our main leaf clean-up rig.
14' PJ dump trailer (14k rated)
6' total add. sides (4' semi permanent and 2' "leaf sides")
20 hp Billy Goat 12" intake leaf vac
We mostly use a slew of Echo 6/750 backpacks, tarps and rakes
On larger properties we Little Wonders to help out but nearly always keep two tarps moving at all times.

The Billy Goat is an older "QL" series loader which is phenomenal with dry leaves but isnt so hot with wet leaves. Had to buy it in the middle of the season last year (used, from a guy on a Sunday) due to my 16hp Giant Vac impeller cracking and failing). I bought a new 18hp Giant Vac (10" hose) for our second smaller dump trailer, but we really only use it when we run two crews for leaf work or if the leaves are wet. The Billy Goat will fill (damn near pack) the trailer in about 45 min of continuous sucking with dry leaves, where as the 16 hp Giant Vac would take nearly 2 hours. The trailer as it is set up now will hold about 26 cu yd of leaves. Average load at the dump is from 4500 to 6500lbs
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((Ford+PJ+Haulmark+eXmark+Toro+Echo+Stihl+LittleWonder+GiantVac+Tanaka+Classen+Ariens+slewohandtools )/employees)^my wife=
A business I can be proud of!

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