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I normally only post in the Pesticide Forum. However I am looking at Aquaponics as a possible new hobby. I need Help with the Following questions.

1 A source and information on water plants that help either Feed fish, or improve water quality.

2. A chart Telling Feed to Meat production ratios by Species. BTW Purina couldn't give this answer. A chicken takes 2 pound of feed to grow one pound of Meat etc.

3. Maximum Number of Market size Fish per Gallon of Water. Of course this varies by species.

4. Ratio of Gallons of Fish to gallons of Grow beds. Once again how does Species effect this ratio??

Aquaponics is Green Growing which uses 1/10 the water of normal farming and the fish waste is the organic Fertilizer that grows the crop. Both Fish and Plants are produced from aquaponic.

BTW I found aquaponics on U tube very interesting with many different way to use inexpensive materials to build a system.

PS I have a small 20 gallon fish tank and a 3 gallon grow bed in my Living Room for experimentation. I have well over $ 200 tied up in this using a lot of stuff I already had, So it isn't a cheap venture. Plus all I am growing right now is Colored Greens and Flat Head Minnows. My goal with the Flat Head Minnows is to produce Feeder Fish. I also want to experiment with growing insect larvae for feed.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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