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Looking at putting together a set up...14' dump trailer with billy goat. A few questions to you guys that already have experience with them.

Do you guys with a 14' dump trailer bumper pull have any issues when the trailer is loaded with leaves, mulch or dirt? Would you buy a bumper pull again or goose neck? I'd prefer a bumper pull, so any of our trucks could pull it.
We're looking into a 14' dump trailer, with 2' sides. I was going to add plywood on the front/sides/back to extend it another 4', giving 6' overall.

The loader...I'd rather have the loader on the front of the dump trailer, as not to have to move it and it can be permanently mounted. Do you guys have a problem with the rear of the trailer getting loaded too much and the trailer becoming wobbly when you're driving down the road. Pros or cons on mounting on the front or rear...or just personal preference

Noticed 2 different types of vac..Billy Goat and Giant Vac..what should I look for when purchasing.

All you guys have awesome setups!

Thank you in advance for any feedback or suggestions.
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