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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I thank you for the Reply. However I have developed Legs and I am a little past that section. Agronomics is the study of crops grown in SOIL while Hydroponics is the study of crops grown SOILESS. I have been involved in Hydroponics for a while now. Water quality is very important. My well water has a high Biocarbs so I have RO water. The pH of RO water is not stable and must be buffered where my Well water is buffered by the Biocarbs and soluble metals. Therefore I have been mixing both to achieve the perfect nutrient level for plants. Throw in Fish and the whole water balance changes. Plants like a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 while most fish like 7.5 to 8.0 pH. Plants will grow in 8.0 water as most fish can live in 6.0 water. Dissolved solids are totally different also. It is the Nitrite from Fish waste that fertilizes the Plants. Nitrites must be kept in balance also.

Back to my original questions. I have chased these answers on the Internet and my County Extension Agent. I just can't under stand why these facts are not published somewhere. They are the Back bone of the profit margin when doing a Commercial operation. If we were to talk about Cows or Pigs Etc these production number are everywhere.
Hope that I didn't insult you with my reply. It is hard to tell the level of a poster's knowledge from the initial posting, so I always respond with the basics.

Aquaponics is still an infant industry as compared to pig, cow, or poultry production. Many have never heard of it. So it is no wonder that data is sparse. Have you tried locating and contacting an existing operation. They may be able to lead you to the info that you require.

On a side note, pH value requirements will vary from specie to specie. This applies to fish as well as plants. Most natural woodland ponds have a pH of 6.8 and support populations of Bream, Bass etc. Trout will tolerate a pH as low a 5.5.

You might give a call to the folks at Aquatic Eco-systems. They just may know where to find what you seek.
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