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Well, I called my local trailer dealer this morning and they said the smallest dump trailer they have weighs #2150. So I went on the website and made a few calls to other trailer dealers around the Northeast. Still couldn't find a tandem axle trailer that have empty weight of 2000 or less. So at this point I thought that the only option is to go with single axle dump trailer.

So this afternoon I decided to look through my insurance policy and see what it say about the trailer. I found out that the policy said that I am insured for trailers with load capacity of 2000 pounds or less. Looks like my insurance agent was wrong. My trailer have a capacity of 3500 pounds. The way it is written, it sounds like even if I am towing a total load of 2000 or less, I still am towing a trailer with a capacity of 3500 pounds. So that mean I would have to get the extra coverage anyway. So I guess I can get a dump trailer that I want.

Looks like I am going to buy a 6'x10' dump trailer with #7000 capacity with 16" wall. I could go with a 6'7"x10' with #10000 capacity but that would cost me extra $1300 and would require a hitch receiver upgrade. But like I said, I am doing small landscape biz so I think the #7000 unit will work well for me.

Thank you for your input.
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