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Neighbor Notification Law begins in NY in March 2001

Does anyone work in New York and if so did you know that there will be a notification law in the spring for applications. All neighbors must be notified of planned spray date(like that never changes) and two alternate dates 48 hrs. in advance. That stinks for us, but there is a part that says its not necessary for safe products like dormant oils and soaps which is cool. Anyway, how does granular broadleaf weed control work. Pretty crappy compared to effectiveness/efficiency of liquid herbicides I'm sure. Not to mention spot spraying crabgrass and nut sedges. This really blows. I think I'm just gonna say tough crap on them and wait for them to actually enforce the law. If I did notify neighbors I would make my clients list all addresses for me and then double the price for the application for annoyance factor of 1,000,000. Any thoughts from NY or non NY certified applicators (I'm fully legal). Thanks.
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