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Originally Posted by dirtandhoops View Post
You're five weeks late.
Yep. Trees are now too deep, too shallow, leaning, dying, check cashed, money spent, phone disconnected, in a different town, opened another business.
I was well aware of the date of the OP.
Did you know that this site has an archive? Uhhu, it sure does and guess what else? This thread could possibly be read at some point in the future, by other members once it is archived.
This site also has a search feature that will search the archives for threads or posts that are relevant to the topic you are searching for.
So, lets say for example, a different member has a question about charging for planting trees, but can't find what he/she is looking for so instead of starting a new thread, he or she enters into the search box
" How much to plant?".

Guess what will happens? Abera Cadabera! Just like magic
the title of this thread will pop up, along with many others and if that member clicks on this thread title. The information I posted will be available to them. So that is the reason why I replied to a thread that in your opinion, was way past it's expiration date.
Good solid information lives in cyber space forever, gentlemen. There is no expiration date.

So, perhaps you two, should stop a moment and think things out a bit better, before posting remarks such as those. Or at least before you say them to me, anyway.
Though I do have a great sense of humor, see?
Oh, hardy har har..har, ho, ho.
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