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My client portal is setup. It functions just as they say it does. And makes service autopilot very attractive.

I honestly feel this program would be nearly flawless if they would make it a full install on the hard drive to make things instant as well as allow for better invoices and estimates. The invoicing and estimate formats seem rediculously plain and somewhat unprofessional. Also,when doing landscape proposals or any proposal that is somewhat detailed it is VERY annoying typing in a box smaller than a comment box for twitter or facebook. You can't see more than a sentence or so. And every line item is like that. Makes it very hard to catch mistakes or edit. And for what they charge a month that to me is absurd. The invoices should be completely customizable like Quickbooks or any other seroius account software (Quickbooks, Real Green, Clip, Pro Landscape, etc). @79.99 a month your paying almost $1000 a year for the program. Client portal is another expense as well as some other options adding more monthly costs.

I agree. Customer service is great and they seem to be updating frequently, but the things the customer see need to be more modern and professional.

I haven't canceled yet, but I am going to call tomorrow and pretty much repeat what I just wrote and see what their response is. If there is not a big upgrade in the near future, cancel I shall.
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