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I agree with you about the invoices and estimates looking very plain. I have actually spoken to them about it. However for me it isn't really that big a deal. At the end of the month when I send out my invoices I just sync with quickbooks and use the custom invoices that I made in that program. I do hope that they fix the estimate templates as I would love to start using them but cannot do so until they make a few more that look a little better.

It is a lot of money that you pay to use the program. If you look at others though they are just as much and don't offer as much. I considered going back to qxpress (online version this time) but once i went back and tried to test it out it just wasn't as good a program. Service auto pilot is actually quite fast considering it is web based. Customer service has to mean something.

I do think this is a newer company than they let on. I have seen significant improvement to the program in the frew month I have been with them. I hope to grow with them.
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