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Originally Posted by Scag48 View Post
I don't think you have much of a leg to stand on with that statement being the guy that is working for cash, not paying taxes, and without insurance. Well, this is all assuming you can even land a job, but your intent to be a lowballing scab sure is alive and well.
My rates are the same as the others, I may not pay taxes but neither do most of the other landscapers.

What we class as lowballers in this area is people working for 10-15 dollars per hour and charging the customer for landfill fees and dumping the garbage on the back roads in the bush. I charge 60-70 dollars per hour for my truck and 20-30 dollars per hour for labour so I really don't think I'am a lowballer, I'am insured as a trucking company and 90% of the jobs and things I do are legal.

I pay enough income tax to this d*mn gov't they can kiss my azz they are not squeezing anymore money out of me. Go after the pot growers that make 200 grand a year that don't pay a cent in income tax.

No way will I work for no profit, I won't take a job that pays any less than 20 dollars per hour cash. I also don't put up with homeowners complaining about it cost too much if they don't like it find somebody else. You want somebody that uses a not properly insured vehical, does things illegally like disposing of hazzardous waste improperly and works for 10 dollars per hour go right ahead.

You get what you pay for so you hire a lowballer the vehical is dripping oil and gas all over your driveway and you end up with a phone call from the authorities because they found stuff with your name on it on a back road.

We also have lots of gougers in the area that charge way too much why do you think so many homeowners are pizzed off with excavation contractors. These guys have milked it too much and now the homeowners/customers are sick of it,other contractors are no different.

These guys have had it way too easy for too many years now 99% of these contractors have a bad reputation. In this last building boom a excavation contractor could name his price h*ll they were getting double to tripple the profit they normally would. Charging for machine time that is more than what the machine actually worked and charging for a machine that does 30 minutes of work but gets charged out for 8 hours.
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