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To answer that, - no. You CAN say that you are giving it a rake-over. Actual dethatching lifts out an unbelievable amount of material. If you ever run a dethatcher (recommended to only be run in the fall, and only if it ABSOLUTELY needs it), you will see the difference You are just not going to get that with a rake. Now, what I do, and this is what I recommend to any and everyone who does turfsweeps, is use a JRCO rake on it. I have one on the front of a Gravely Promaster 3 wheeler which works excellent because I can reach up under things and lift the whole deck a bit to turn. I then use the Lazer and windrow the debris up to tarp. You can cover ALOT of ground FAST with this type of setup. The customers love this, because it gets the grass fluffed and breathing to let air and light to the grass, allowing it to green up a bit faster.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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