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Three years old huh? Ouch that hurts. Probably true but ouch anyway. LOL Ok I appreciate every ones opinions and my wife hates them all so its back to the drawing board. My wife thinks I should go with black and white with standard text. Nothing fancy. That sure takes the fun out of it but enough of you seem to agree with her so I will try something else. I guess the fancy ones will have to go on the back burner for a while I need something to hand out starting last week. My clean up service brings me into contact with the home owners even before they have moved in. I want to introduce myself and be ready to tell them about my lawn services. I can't imagine a better opportunity then when there standing there telling you what a good job you did cleaning there house. I meet the builders and the developers from time to time and it is an opportunity that I have been missing. I hope to rectify that starting this year. The wife hates this one as well but what the heck what do you all think of it?
I have met two other Randy Scott's in my life and there is one in my locale phone book that I have never met but my daughter had him as a land lord for awhile. Small world... maybe? But I think a lot of women my moms age just loved Randolph Scott. LOL
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