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Originally Posted by dboyd351 View Post
Regarding the Tanakas, I recently bought a TCG22EASSLP straight shaft string trimmer. It is very light, well balenced and has plenty of power. Don't know about longevity, since I've only had it a few months. They are also offering a rebate that brings the price down to about $150, but the rebate takes forever to get to you.

Are you interested in selling any of the used Redmaxes? I'm local and wouldn't mind taking a look.

I can not give you an answer on whether or not they would sell you the used equipment...but honestly you wouldnt want whatever they might want to sell you. lol these guys are really tough on their equipment, most are seasonal workers so they lack the respect of "owning the equipment" they use. on top of that they are shown little punishment for running a peice of equipment into the ground. If it were my equipment and not just something i fix, I would be chopping heads left and right.

As for the Tanaka, we have had a pole pruner for about 6 months now and a hand held pruner.. i have let anyone use it so that it makes it's rounds to all that are very capable of breaking it lol... it has, thus far, had no issues whatsoever. for the price it seems like a very good investment so far.

Tanaka pole pruners vs redmax pole pruners

I have not dissasembled the Tanaka's yet but have looked over the parts diagrams, seems like the blades are 2 peice instead of that of the redmax being one piece which is nice since the redmax blades break alot at the part that interacts with the crankshaft in the gearbox before the blades are no longer able to be sharpened. Even though we have had no problems yet with the tanaka's i do like redmax for their engines (Zenoah) prob spelled wrong, These are very well spoken for in top end 2 cycle engines and very popular in the RC world. but the tanaka engines seems more simple in their design, not having the Reed Valves and all the extra crap that makes them more finiky yet effecient. we have some older model redmax trimmers(7 years old) that have outlasted the newer models(2 years old). Not sure why but they just seem to be less affected by the ethanol fuels and cheaper oils than the more "advanced" engines these days..guess complication sells better lol

It's late, im tired and dreading the comming work week although short, so i'm going to stop here. I may post more tomorrow if i get to a point at work where i'm too pissed at all that i have to do and so little to do it with. If i forget then Happy Holidays.
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