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Originally Posted by Brentster View Post
They are. Next to the $500 Hondas and $375 Toros, they have the $250 Lawn Boys. It's a fabulous machine except for the back wheels don't spin unless the engine is on and you have the drive lever engaged.

The stupid thing is I took back the first unit and got a 2nd one yesterday. This one is even worse than the first. It practically left skid marks across the parking lot as I was wheeling it out from the store.

Now I have to take back the 2nd one!!!!!!

Were all the others that they sold like this or did I just happen to get the only bad two?
Well, my point was, the Toro rep said "you should bring it back to the dealer." Can't bring it back to a dealer that you didn't get it from in the first place.
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