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Oh great..another newbie question Spend $3500 for me!!!

Newbie to the site and a rookie to the bizz

Anyway, Being a full-time Firefighter and life long nature boy, I have finally got the guts together to get my company running.

I'm about to purchase a 36" Exmark Metro with ECS, Echo SRM-2100SB w/edger attachment, and a Echo PB 260L.

I'm also getting the mulch kit for the exmark and the grass gobbler.

How are these choices? Would anyone do anything differant. My dealer quoted me a price of $3500 for all the above w/ tax. That is about the limit i am willing to go cause I also bought a 6x12 enclosed trailer (which doubles as the moto racing trailer).

So having $3500 for NEW equipment (hate used due to quality/repair issues) how would you use it to buy a 36" mower, mulcher, bagger, trimmer, w/ edger ability and backpack blower?
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