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Originally Posted by stuntmanlogan View Post
Thanks buddy. I should have listened to the dealer he told me I would be back shortly for the 16 footer. The problem was I only had my walk behind, and on a 16 ft trailer I thought it would look like to much trailer lol. Then that same year I came across a rider on craigslist that I couldn't pass on and then the trailer was full. So thats why I have decided to go up to an 18 foot this time, and hopefully it will be big enough for a while.
yeah who cares what it looks like I have seen people stuffing a 36" WB and a ZTR on one of those little 4x8 trailers they sell at home depot (gonna have to get a pic of that one come spring LOL) and I've seen people with one 48" WB on a 18' trailer. Open trailers are pretty cheap and seem to have good resale value but I'd rather just buy it once and grow into it. I'm going through the same thought process again with dump trailers I dont really need nor can I afford the biggest and heaviest one they have but if i buy the smaller one in 2 years I'll be buying the bigger one.
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