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took my 00 f350 in for recall. they called to tell me the oil pan was rotted, wanted $3000 to replace it. ford..... diesel tanks delaminate, manifolds crack daily, oil pans rot out, 460 heads rot out, shackels dont last.... all problems due to metal. 100 years and business, cant they find good metal and fix these problems that have plagued them?

while is was there heard them talking about replacing the injectors on a 2011. then heard them talk about PCM's shorting out, catching fire??? really? come on ford. get with the game. I for one am fed up..and torn. i love my trucks and dont want to switch, but im tired of paying $3k for an oil pan, $3500 in damage when my fuel tank delamates (2x in 2 years/14K miles too!), $2500 for a head on a 460 because bosses rot off, my friend was just told his truck with 66K miles needed $2k for exhaust manifold......the list goes on and on and on.

i know all trucks have their problems but it just seems like they cant get their act together. if fords new 6.7L powerstroke fails like the 6.0 and 6.4, adn all the head/manifold problems with the gas engines, fords going to sink IMO
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