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My uncle is head service guy at a large ford dealer. He says it all the time. People look at the "toughness branding" that is in the commercials. Ford is alot more in your face type of truck than say gm or dodge. Ford has there advertising down and for that great for them.

I have had all three brands. I am now all GM. Trucks have 125K to 2200 miles on them. I have done nothing but replace shocks on the the 125K truck this week. Change oil, filters, etc. So far if there not broken, nickel n dimeing me, I am sticking with Gm for a while.

Now some will say what your doing them depends on there life. All trucks have Boss V plows on them, sanders, 32ft gooseneck trailers hooked all summer, hauling block, sod, skid, etc. I do use them.
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