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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Are you kidding! TThomass's house will be on a 12 alarm fire and he won't come out till he has his picture taker in hand! Christ, I think he bought a seperate computer solely for storing his pictures!

One day DVS will catch on that most cell phones now come equipped with camera's and come to terms with how easy it is to push a button. You are partially right on the computer. I had 6 years of pictures on my old one + the fact it was a computer from 2002........had to get a new one this summer. My new site will have plenty to pick from. Additionally, my brother and I are looking into a photography class. I won't be able to use my phone but this way I hope to shoot my own jobs vs the thousands a photographer costs.

How about some more project pics buddy? And no, not your fireplace again
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