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Originally Posted by supercuts View Post
i agree. only selling them for say gm's will cost more than keeping what i have. as they are replaced, they will be with other brands to help conserve some money rather than selling them all and replacing. my 08 will most likely be traded in as soon as the warranty is up. against my own advice i did buy another recently but largely due to its $1500 price tag for a 7.3l powerstroke over brand since it is only a backup truck. all newer trucks will not be fords. most of my problems started when i purchased my 08', so in my defense i was still a ford guy up till then

good luck to you if your truck was built in the 3 month block were they catch on fire. let me know how that burned out shell treats you. i dont wish you the same troubles ive had though

we had a blizzard a few days ago, my 08's tranny light came on the night before. ford say i cant drive it, not like it needs to earn me a living. the manuel says if it stays on teh truck goes into limp mode and needs to be towed in. my abs and air bag lights all turned on durring the storm. my truck was also in regen more than half the time stinking and smoking. its just wrong my truck has soo many problems. its going back in for two differnt oil leaks, tranny issue, my engine pulleys are squeaking and ahve already been replaced several times....
Super Cuts, That is B.S. those trucks are to expensive for that to happen!!
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