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I know I may be a little late on this... Anyway I have a 52" Scorpion and this same issue in the beginning. It would track straight, going fwd. but in reverse it was like I could not gain control. I also felt a difference in speed and response between the left and right controls. I did some some troubleshooting and here are some things that made a difference. Air pressure in the tires were a huge problem, the slightest difference would cause tractionn problems to. The terrain was also a factor. My mower has the gas tank on the right side of the mower, so as I used up the gas it would change the way it responded. it was not very much but I did notice a difference. I understand that the GS has the tank in the middle. Overall i have not ever been able to get the mower to drive exactly straight in reverse. It never seems to be a real problem unless you are on a hill trying to back up. I had similar issues with a WB to, so it may just be that way. I do agree that it should not be going into a circle while reversing. I always have to juggle the controls while holding a straight line due to terrain anyway. Hope this helps you.
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