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Originally Posted by Pictur Perfect Lawns View Post
I don't mean to sound super pessimistic, but I got really excited when I found this and watched hours of videos about it and how everything works and there are just a few things that literally SUCK, and it kind of irritates me because everything is nearly perfectly thought out for our industry more so than almost every other accounting/bookkeeping software. But these things are somewhat deal breakers.
I'm wondering what deal breakers that you are talking about. I use SA..I stated with them in march last year, and For the first 3 months I think I called them daily with requests. Here is the fare they have changed 75% of hinges I wanted....and are working on more. Frankly yes there are plenty of things that piss me off,....but for every 1 problem, I find 4 things that it provides a solution for. Frankly I looked into software 3 years ago really hard.....the best system I though I liked cost was $15,000. No joke. If you need something changed...let them know, I'm sire they will take care of it
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