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I would prefer the expertise on the technical aspect over sales any given day of the week. I also would at any given point prefer to utilize actual project photos over stock or some one else's project on the same given day. It comes down to a case of integrity, if you know and understand what you are talking about, then simply you can and will sell jobs. I ran into a ton of problems this season with selling, I can talk the talk and walk the walk. When I switched my approach, my close rate went from 0 to 85%.

When you talk with a client, you have to know and understand your power availability and usage, you have to know what the max load you SHOULD be putting onto a circuit, what you SHOULD be maxing your wiring at and what you amp draw is regardless of knowing it off the top of your head or using a meter. IF you are using fused products, you have to know what your max is end to end, and you have to be able to design a way to continue the feed so the project has a professional presentation. This business is not as my son described it "Christmas Light Throw Up," this is a business where you deal with peoples well being, and safety. This is a business of know what the technical problems are, and knowing how to design and install a beautiful presentation working within the limits you are up against or coming up with a way around them.

Knowing the technical aspect is also going to give you the ability to tap into sources for power for add ons if need be, when and where you can do that. Sales come with knowing what the hell you are doing and not killing a family because you burn down a house while people are sleeping when they instilled their confidence that you were "a professional" and would get their dream display installed and they would not have to worry about it.

Our goal is to have c-7, c-9 mini lights etc be our display, not a street lined with fire trucks, ambulances and police cars because we just destroyed a home or worse yet a family because someone didn't make it out.
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