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I just got rid of an 08 Chevy in April with just over 20k. I was always a ford guy and had a few dodges as well and decided to try a chevy, big mistake.

The 08 Chevy issues I had was the exhaust vibration (they added pieces of flex pipe to absorb the noise) more annoying then anything, but this was a new truck and it sounded like the exhaust was rubbing in the frame.

Then it developed a 3-2-1 clunk according to the papers they gave me and GM called it normal (if you call it normal when the truck is lost between gears and the truck needs to be stopped to find itself or forced into gear, usually around 4k on the tack before it will clunk into gear) hence the 3-2-1 clunk.

At just over 20k it started running on 3 cylinders (mass airflow switch), but while in the shop for that they found the intake was leaking from the inside out, I lost the truck for 2 weeks this time and they refused to get me a rental for 3 days, they said I could run it as is until they got all the parts.. Long story short, all I needed was a uniform and a time card as I was at the dealership that much with this truck. Also 3 other companies bought around the same time and I see there trucks at the dealership all the time.

I tried t lemon it to no avail, and once I got it back from the dealership I cleaned it out and traded back to a f-250 SD. So, yeah they all have issues and it comes down to what you like, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
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