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Originally Posted by downtoearthlco View Post
I just got rid of an 08 Chevy in April with just over 20k. I was always a ford guy and had a few dodges as well and decided to try a chevy, big mistake.

I tried t lemon it to no avail, and once I got it back from the dealership I cleaned it out and traded back to a f-250 SD. So, yeah they all have issues and it comes down to what you like, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
thanks for the line. i know they all have their problems. what is great abotu your post is you give actual problems to look for. i will most likely be going GM next time and now i have short list of things to look into. the only other complaints ive heard about are the exhaust manifords. maybe i should be looking at dodge? i went down the lemon law twice with my truck.....i won the first case but it was thrown out, then i was told my truck didnt meat criteria at the 2nd hearing and i lost!! WTF?. the arbitrating attorney was from my town and questioned me more about an unrelated negative subject to do with town then about my truck. the state "expert" was hardly qualified to look at car let alone testify how they opporate. now the attorney general is reviewing my complaint and the way my case has been handled.
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