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Originally Posted by WorldsStrongestLandscaper View Post
My 05 6.0 is in right now,limped in with water in fuel light on,ended up being an injector 500.00$ oil change and fuel filters??? Just did fuel filters 6 months ago. Only 2000 miles on filters. Truck has 35000 miles on it. We will see. This is the 1st time its in the shop motor wise,both front u joints broke,(due to plowing ,hard turning,with the super long wheel base) Pretty happy with the truck overall(It cost me 81,000 with all the bells and whistles so I hope it lasts for 14 more yrs at least! BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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Can i see a pic of this $81,000 truck? I have never heard of a pick up that cost that much. But, you didn't say it was a pickup. Please don't tell me you paid $81,000 for a pickup. If you did you are even dumber than i was for spend 50 on one.
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