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Originally Posted by McLandscapingInc View Post

Great work. I looked through your pics. I especially liked the VT ones as I went to school there as well. I am down in the Hampton Roads area, however we do snow removal from here to up there. I would recommend getting pusher boxes for your bobcats. They save an unbelievable amount of time.Also would recommend the Polar Tracks for your 190 and 250. PM me for more info; we have a good, cheap source for this stuff. Makes a world of difference; especially in larger accumulations. I take it you got your Boss plows for ESI ? Best of luck to you in the 2011 season.
We are hourly on snow removal and therefore a box would hurt us financially. We don't get paid more per hour to have them. For a per push contract, yes it would be beneficial.

I have used ESI but they are difficult to deal with unless you get the right person. Usually, I end up having to drive there and get things taken care of in person. They have a thriving business but the customer service needs to catch up. It has improved but still is not where it needs to be.

Go Hokies!!
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