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my story

This is my story from the "about me" page of my website.
The short part is from my lawnsite bio.
The long part is partly from one of my first posts on lawnsite, when i introduced myself.

"Short story
I have been in the business, more or less, for over 15 years. I have been a full-time solo operator since Sept. 2001
My interests and hobbies are: mowing, photography, lawn care, guns, landscaping, reading, did I say mowing?, old tractors, and mowing. These things when i am not trying to spoil my little girl, Josie, and letting my wife, Jules, know how much I appreciate her.

Long story
I have been working in the landscaping, lawncare, and groundskeeping business for over 15 years "more or less". I worked on the "grounds" crew for The University of Nebraska In Lincoln. I worked on a landscape installation crew, and was foreman on another landscaping crew. I have been a mowing crew foreman for two different lawn maintenance companies. I even used a homeowner mower and a cheap trimmer out of the back of a Chevy Citation to mow a few yards while my wife was attending graduate school and I was working nights.
I have also worked in factories, machine shops, car dealerships, retail stores, geotechnical testing labs, research farms, my family farm, construction, dance DJing, and music recording. But I kept coming back to the Landscape and Lawn field.
After doing this type of work for other companies for so long I decided to do something for myself. I started as a full-time solo operator in Sept.2001. I know that wasn't the best time of year to be starting out, but I took over another company that had just started that spring but then decided to get into the music business instead. I bought their equipment and took over the mowing accounts.
Now I am going into my third season as my own boss and am enjoying it. I am trying to continue to add more business. Although my main services are mowing and fertilizing, I try to provide as many services as I can for my customer's convenience. I do a mix of residental and small commercial properties and am always willing to look at a new account possibility. I want to remain a small enough company to provide one-on-one personal service. I pride myself in my quality detailed work. I have been told that I am a perfectionists about many things.

That's basicly me The Groundskeeper."

Things are starting slow this season. Probably my having to raise prices has something to do with it. I am still trying to get the accounts that I took over up to an acceptable price. I have learned so much from lawnsite that has helped me gain the confidence to ask for what my services are really worth.

Thank you all.

Heres to the 2003 season.

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