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All guys watch a webinar each year including my self and have to take a test. It's basic circuits and electrical stuff. I feel confident in our service there for I have no problem selling the ability of my company.

As for being the lowest - Incorrect.

No resi work this year because handy men and tight budgets could not afford us.

As far as "the couple of roof tops" this was a project that was covered in two area news papers as well as awarded to us with out being put out for bid.

Also if my math is wrong please correct me I am always willing to learn but from everything I have found the formula for amps is as follows

each bulb is .008 amps


is that not correct?

"I usually dont go at someone like this but you sir, do not belong in this business or any other business for that matter."
Now I take that personally but I understand you are upset when typing that so I will let it go.

PS - My non-technical sales skills sold that downtown lighting project for over $9 per foot on a 3 year contract.
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