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Originally Posted by Dano50 View Post
Oh man, I love these threads!
I love when I actually remember to snap some pics...if I remembered to take pics everytime I used it though, I would fill a memory card! lol

Originally Posted by Lefet View Post
Hey Bill, the 9 house clean up pics look great! Nice job on that ground cover, I hate trying to do clean ups in Ivy!!
Thanks man. I use the Redmax 8050 and another guy uses the Redmax 7100. We found that usually blasts the leaves out of the ivy and pachysandra.

Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
same here dano, just the little red x for your sig line.

That's weird, I don't see the red x.

Hey D my man, great looking deck underside pics, and how often do you re apply your FF to the deck? I am starting out this year with new mowers and am going to coat them here soon and be ready for spring. we will see how it does for me
Thanks Grassman! First off nice purchase on the three Grandstands! I love it! Here is my advice......the first application apply it pretty heavy. Let it soak in for at least a day if not more than I usually reapply when I change blades. (A bit less is used on reapplications) You will see as you go that you don't need as much unless you are really constantly going through some really heavy stuff. Give it a chance......if it doesn't seem to work the first app don't give up. Give it a chance to soak into the metal and a few cuttings in you will definitely see it start to work. I pull my blades off the mower, scrape the tiny bit of accumulation if any, than put sharp blades on and spray it all down! Let me know if you have any other questions bro...I'll do my best to answer anything..
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