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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i could never let my blades go that long!!!!

i love fresh razor sharp blades. the new toro blades might last two days, but dont know. i dont have much experience using the hardened blades, our kubota blades fromt eh factory are hardened, but we like the aftermarket better with low lift and they are not hardened.

anyways, i think after 8 hrs on any amount of lawns on regular blades is time to sharpen. there is alot of guys here that only sharpen once per week too. i dont get it, these guys lawns have that white appearance after cutting due to the dullness.
That's crazy! lol I cut Tuesday through Friday and usually change them Wednesday night and Monday night or Tuesday morning. I can say that some times they could use a change but that most of the times they are still pretty sharp, but at that point I just swap them out anyway. Of course in the heavy growing season in the spring they get changed even more frequently. The once a week changes are pretty much when things are a lot drier in late summer and things get a little slower. I think you re cutting way more grass than I am. I honestly think I would be wasting my time sharpening that much.
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