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Wish I had known about this sooner...

It didn't leave me stranded. I caught it in time, but if I had known this was a common problem on the newer style F150's (2004-2008), I would have sprayed it down with Fluid Film. Fuel Pump Driver Module. I guess the mix of road salt and the fact that it's steel against aluminum really caused the corrosion to get way out of hand. The replacement kit now includes studs to lift the module off the frame's cross-member but still, I sprayed the crap out of the new one with Fluid Film once I had it was installed. :-) Just in case.

Here's the before photo, all cracked and ready to fail and leave me stranded on the road somewhere.

Here it is after I got it off. It broke apart when I unbolted it. One of the bolts was totally fused to the aluminum wouldn't come off the casing. It all twisted as one piece, which sort of screwed up the threads on that one hole.

Here's a picture of the new kit that has the studs for lifting it off the frame. (this one is not my photo - but the first two were).

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