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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i can see your guys reasonings for not sharpening as much as me. it makes perfect sense. we cut 25-40 lawns per day depending on where they are and how big etc, per crew i might add.

this makes me wonder just how much FF i will have to use in order for it to be ultra effective at keeping the underside of the deck clean or at least much easier to clean if some buildup occurs.

i put some on my garage rails today at home, much better.

i wish i had waited to put it on the shrub trimmers though, made sharpening today a bisnitch!!
You might have to use a bit more for the more grass that you cut than should still be worth it to you....but you might find out the cost isn't worth it for that app....try it will see what works for ya! You might find that even giving them a good coating once a month will substantially reduce buildup. I am VERY curious to see your results though!

The garage rails is one of my new favorite apps, lol. I can see the hedge trimmers being a bi*ch to sharpen after ffing them though. You're getting a little overzealous there! hahaha
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