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In one of my businesses I have a partner in the other I am full owner.

Get a partner only if what he does you cannot do yourself.
I don't understand why someone will go into a partnership with someone that does exactly what he does.

If you need money and office management go into partnership with someone that can do that efficiently.
In my Construction business....I am the management part of the equation. I do estimates, payroll, partner does all the physical work. My job is to keep us working day in and day out. His job is to finish the job in a timely manner and with an eye on quality.
Because I am free from actually working in the field ....I have the time to network and push the company to grow faster than most other companies in our area. Our company is only 6 years old and we bid projects in the million dollar range which is mostly open to well established companies that have been in operation for 20-30 years. Our arrangement has worked well but then again I am a very hard working individual and so is my partner. We don't procrastinate or slack off.

Partnerships can be a great thing but I have heard horror stories too.

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