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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
So by some of your guy's logic. Ronald McDonald, Pep Boys, Homer Depot, Chuck E Cheese etc all portray a poor company image? As long as the crew doesn't look and act like goats I don't see a problem. Every Florida LCO puts a palm tree as their logo. How original is that? A logo is meant to catch your eye not necessarily tell your company story.
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Ronald McDonald is not a logo. He is a mascot, so to speak. The McDonald's logo is the golden arches.

Pep Boys's logo, the three guys, is less cartoonish than a random goat chewing grass. The three pep boy's guys are also frontal display and centered and easily deciphered. The logo print is also square not "childish."

I don't understand how Home Depot got into that list. It's an orange box with the company name. That's counter to your argument. If you're talking about the Home Depot "guy" or whatever he's called...that's a mascot and not a logo.

Chuck E. Cheese is marketing to children. Well, parents I guess technically, but the atmosphere is for the children. Additionally, the Chuck E Cheese mouse is full-frontal display, centered, and easy to decipher. The text is childish, yes, but that's the point. They're not marketing a professional landscape service company to commercial clients.
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