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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
But I think another big issue with propane as the fuel is its availability. In my area I can only think of two places that have propane. And they are on one side of town about 3 miles from each other, so it'd be great if I just worked in that area of town. They also aren't open but during normal business hours and only until noon on Saturday. So at the end of the day if I'd need to fill up or if I would need to fill up on the weekend, I would be pretty much screwed.

I can fill up at gas stations at 6 in the morning or at 9 at night any day of the week.
If you can get set up with the right company I'm giving my contractor anywhere between 6 to 18 and cage so they can store at home it depends on their needs so they can come see me once a week or two and the bottles are being lent out for free the 1500 conversion cost free so they can save money this year
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