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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Spoke to Brice at the MN Green Expo today. Looked at his demo's on the floor. Sharp looking ride ons. Short and compact - if you like the articulating PG style you will like this one. Controls seems simple and intuitive. And as stated before, this unit is really sealed up nice with stainless, keeping that fert residue off the guts.

One guy asked how the pump and impeller are run. Brice said ground driven.

I also looked at the Cub XP unit today. $3,900 for the Cub vs. $6200 for this one.
Is this unit that much better than the Cub? Not sure. But I like it a fair bit more than the Cub, even before driving/testing it. Now can a solo guy justify such a purch?

Also, ted was right in stating the big chains don't run ride ons. From my experience using even an old Centri, ride on is the way to go for nearly all lawns, man!

Is't the Cub XP more in your price range and you get a new mechine.

Run this for a while than move up.

Charles Cue
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