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Originally Posted by Travis E View Post
I went with the 5.4 because the truck was in perfect condition, all the diesels i were looking at were rough and were in the $40k plus range. The chevy was still clean for the most part. There was a dent in the tailgate and one on the drive door. Only the tailgate was from me. I think it now has about 60k miles, the tranny has slipped a few handfull of times but nothign too major. I know it was hard on that truck pulling the dump trailer with 10 yards of mulch in it
Good to hear!! And I don't think any 1500 would like 10 yards!! Haha! I wanted a regular cab F250 with the 5.4 at one point cause a brand new one was close to 20k... What kind of milage do you get with it?
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