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You need to sit down and decide what is best for you and the direction that you want to take your company. I would suggest doing this at nights or over a weekend where you can spend some time drafting a business plan. Even if you don't need to use the plan to obtain financing it would be a good idea to have one for your own reference. Put in some short-term goals (to be accomplished in the upcoming season) and some more long-term goals (5 years, 10 years, etc). I suggest that if you have any managers or foremen that you include some of their thoughts as well. Once this plan is established then you will have a better idea on how fast you want to grow and what kind of financing you would be willing to take on. I started by business seven years ago when I was 18. I have since grown my "push mower" operation into the 2nd largest landscaping business in my service area. I have over 150 accounts, most commercial, with the largest account being a six-digit per season contract. I have used what I consider a healthy mix of cash purchasing and loans. My vehicles I have always bought through the bank with a low interest rate. All other equipment I buy with cash unless they are offering 0% interest. In that case I will take the loan and pay it off before they start charging interest, which usually gives me one year. In your case, if you can't get financing right now, don't sweat it. Grow at a pace that allows you to buy equipment with cash until you have some credit build up. If you need any more help with suggestions on balancing more business than you have equipment for PM me and I'll tell you in more detail how I did it. Hope this helps you.
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