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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
You could buy a really nice mid-'90s Chevy 2500 or 3500 for under 10k. You'd have more power, cheaper repairs, better to tow with, and a more practical truck.

If that was a personal vehicle that you weren't going to use for work, then I'd pat you on the back. I don't really care for that truck, but if you pay for it yourself, then you earn my respect.

But if you're going to use that truck for landscaping work...good luck.
Well , Im now taking welding classes at School , so i reailly dont know what im guna and up doing , but ive had her 'the truck' for almost three months , and havent had a problem with it. LMAO!!! So for i put about 450 miles on it , and its just been drove around town. Heres the bad part !!! i just recently found out by the dealer, that the lady that had it before me DIED IN IT IN HER own driveway,it doesnt seem to REAILLY be huanted Except for the radio switching from FM TO AM !!! And also when i have the classic country stuff on it seems to get louder ! am i just imagining it? , i even think its kinda creepy !!!!
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