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Originally Posted by juststartin View Post
The saga continues... seems to be some discrepencies. They say it cost them 1k a day to operate then it takes 300 gallons a day of fuel at $5 a gallon to operate. They don't have fuel for 4th of july weekend? They find $3 worth of gold and are excited? They bring their families and almost lose one to bears and another to an allergic reaction not to mention added expense and hassle?

I have never seen so many grown men hug each other. I don't think I have ever hugged an employee.
It would cost them $1k a day to operate, when you include equipment payments, and supplies there. I've worked out of places like that where you have to pack in your supplies, and pack out your trash. It's a logistical feat to keep a site like that supplied.

Why they don't have fuel for the 4th of july weekend? They probably burnt more fuel that they expected, or are behind schedule.

I wouldn't take anaybody else out onto a site like that execpt for my crew and myself. That part doesn't make sense. As far as the reactions, they only have one option to avoid getting eaten alive from mosquitoes- DEET powered repellant. I don't know how anybody reacts to DEET. I know once they've used it, though.

I'm not trying to insult you, but you don't know the **** you simply have to do to run a job in a very, very remote location. There are more expenses that fuel and mainstay equipment (excavators, dozers, loaders, trucks etc.) There is a periphery of stuff to do to run those jobs that you don't take note of when running a job with easy access.
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