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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I can see a little bit of a C series Cat in the design. Anyone else see that?
Paint scheme is great. Very paramilitary!

Tiger, get some specs dammit!!
Haha, I just saw this on the forconstructionpros email newsletter. I wish I knew where they were testing/unveiling these...

I wrote at first that I didn't see very much Cat in this, but then... looking again... I can see some similarities. Does this mean Cat's also working on the smaller C-series? Remember the SR-70 and SR-80 came right before the C-series Cats came out... wonder if these machines are the "precursors" for the 216C-259C? Hmm...

Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
What do you figure...30-34"? By the looks of the machine size I got to imagine it stacks up against the S185.
Yeah, looks like around the S185 size. ASVs typically don't get much dump angle, so I could see maybe 32" of reach, but probably not too much more. The geometry looks a bit like Cat's in some ways, and given the placement of the lift cylinder it doesn't look like the hinge pin will move too much farther away from the machine from where it is now.
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