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Regarding "demo hours", I figure 2 -3 hours is enough to compare each unit (unless one is inexperienced regarding ride-on sprayer/spreaders in the first place). Also keep in mind that we have been able to demo "Ground Solutions units" on SEVERAL occasions .... plus, two of my former employees are still friends of mine, and they run them on a daily basis in our town -- these guys love them, and I trust their opinions.

We demo'd Z's, T's, PG's, and CL's for more than 2 hours each. All were from 0 miles to 480 miles from us when we demo'd them. Our least amount of time spent "trying out a unit" was in regard to TURFCO's T3000 >> this only took 30 minutes or so, and the demo took place at our facility. NOTE: This is also the same reason we have not ruled out purchasing a Lawn Solutions "ride-on" aerator.

Rodney -- last time I spoke with Brice, he said they were trying to increase the spray volume to improve weed control. Do the 2011 units have this?

Also, have you considered adding more RV anti-freeze to the tires for even better stability on slopes?

I'll be at our state's annual turf grass conference later this month. I know of at least five "ride-on sprayer/spreader units" that will be displayed. While this beats having to drive 500 miles, it will still not enable us to "test drive" any of them.
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