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My 98 C2500 has provided good service to me. I had the PMD issue and replaced it with a D-Tech unit that I purchased from Pensacola Diesel. I mounted mine in the grill with the 6 foot extension that came with it. The dealers often insist on replacing the injector pump along with the PMD even though the PMD is the only problem. The 98, 99, and 2000 models have the better blocks. Overall, it's been a good reliable truck. 230,000 miles and still going strong. We use ours on the farm and it handles just about anything we throw at it. We have a Ford F350 dually for the really heavy stuff. I bought the C2500 in 2005 for $1500.00. It needed a transmission and a few other small items, but I got a deal on rebuilding the transmission, so I only have about $3000.00 in it alltogether. I would buy another one. They're fairly inexpensive to work on, compared to the Fords. They're not as heavy duty as the Ford or Dodge, but they'll do well for a lawn care business. Mine gets 19 mpg too. My Ford gets 16-17.
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