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Thanks guys for some great replies, I really appreciate it. Some mixed answers definitely. Doing a bit of googling and reading on some misc truck forums the general opinion of this engine seems to be pretty low, but I do prefer to hear the responses of a few trusted folks on Lawnsite.

There are over 5 of these trucks for sale on Craigslist in my area from various people and the majority of them have 100K miles or less on them and are going for 3-5 grand. At least 2 I saw said that the engine had recently been rebuilt or replaced. Rebuilding a 10 year old diesel with 80,000 miles on it...? I know that a comparable Ford or Dodge diesel of the year would be listed around 10 grand or more.

It is nice to hear of some people having a good reliable truck of it and at least you guys have said it's fairly cheap to work on when needed, but picking one up definitely seems like a gamble. Anyone else wants to weigh in, feel free. I enjoy the truck discussions
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